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Fact (which can’t be ignored)-Sour truth

Guys, work from home based jobs are the most looking & preferable choice to especially students , housewives & anyone who is free or has lost his/her job.
We have to understand that the stage when we are starting searching for such short opportunities. I have done a small research on psychology which made us too deep with such a thought of home based opportunities. Practically guys , there is no such opportunities for youth & for a teen ,. Yes the concept has been started with providing full time remote options to Moms only, But nowadays we can find tons of work from home based opportunities.
That’s great!! Your Good Luck
In this article below you will find all the best , free & legit work from home based opportunities. Don’t miss any opportunity , It can be a new idea or a long term sustainable job for you guys.  

In the behaviours of us i.e human beings – we oftenly switch our jobs in the sake of new & better opportunities but this is the negative behaviour. Please don’t fall into the trap of boundary line personality disorder. Be honest with your current jobs . Try to control your mood swings. This is time to do that. If the time gets passed away then you won’t be able to stand for your basic livelihood incomes too. Your career will be finished.  

Bitter Truth

Hard Time For us – Covid period.

It’s an undeniable fact that covid period is the demon for the industry . It is creating a lot of problems in the channels of the world economy. We don’t exactly know when everything in the industry will run at a good pace. For, especially those who have lost their jobs. It is a tough time for them to give a push to his/her career. Dont worry guys i have shortlisted & made a best list of vacancies & career options that you can do from home. Read all the options carefully & you would definitely find a way for your career.

Career opportunities- Work from home jobs

Switching your job from here to there will land you nowhere. Just opt your job listed below & stick to it for at least 3 months. Regular switching stands negative for your career. You will stand no-where in the market.

It always happens that in the beginning we have lesser incomes but after a few days we start earning more than expected incomes. This is the power of stickiness. Kindly adhere to it.


A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush




Types of job opportunities – Full-time/part -time/freelancers ( Work from home)

Guys for your better understanding I have divided the availables jobs into three parts –

Employment( Full time)

Employment ( Part time)  

Freelancer( self employed)  .

After reading the full article you will be able to find the jobs & you will have a better understanding about its potentials & the incomes generated by the job.
I have provided the business models of the jobs too. read the full articles to know more. I can guarantee you that in the end of the article you will be able to find your dream work from home based jobs. Even more than it.

Employment (Full time) – Remote jobs

Guys as you know that due to the coronavirus pandemic almost all the industries have shifted their major work segment to remote jobs types. It’s an advantage for us also because we need not to travel for the job. We are free to perform the work in the home. I have done a rigorous research & I have filtered some full time-office vacancies which are now available at remote options. Hurry up guys, you can grab this opportunity,. don’t miss that. I have divided the jobs for three countries especially – INDIA / USA / UK. Read below.

Work from home jobs – India – full time

Firstly, I want to tell you that there are a few types of industries that always have job openings. These are the BPO industries & Sales-marketing industry. If you are searching for a job in the industries apart from that. Then it’s hard to find. I have filtered some swiftly available designations & easy to gain – For students, fresher or experience. You can easily make it around ! $4-40 a month. In India around Rs 15000-40000 a month.

YOU CAN WORKS AS A :- ( please just type the exact same vacancy on google & you can find it easily)  

Assistant manager ( sales & marketing)
Assistant digital marketing manager / digital marketing executive
Sales Executive
Business development executive
business development associates  

You can search these vacancies on google and you will find companies like , &

Response Rate – – Fast – Average – Average

Work from home jobs – USA – full time

YOU CAN WORKS AS A :- ( please just type the exact same vacancy on google & you can find it easily)  

Marketing assistant – $24/hour
Promotions and event coordinator – $18/hour
Associate- Pick & ship – $18-40/hour
Social media assistant manager/executive
Assistant marketing analyst
Customer Service Execute- BPO
Telemarketing /appointment setter  

You can search these vacancies on google and you will find companies like , LinkedIn jobs & Glassdoor  

Response rate – Indeed – Fast
Linkedin- Average – Average

Work from home jobs – UK – full time

YOU CAN WORKS AS A :- ( please just type the exact same vacancy on google & you can find it easily)

Marketing & sales executive
Junior/Assistant Brand Executive
Sales & marketing associates
Marketing & web sales  

You can search these vacancies on google and you will find companies like , &

Responsae rate – Indeed – Fast – Average
LeisureJobs   – Average.

Employment (Part Time) – Remote jobs

Work from home jobs – India – Part time

YOU CAN WORKS AS A :- ( please just type the exact same vacancy on google & you can find it easily)

Data entry operator/computer operator
Education counselors- part time
Admission counselors
Delivery associates( Outdoor)
Career coach
Gym trainer
Yoga trainer
Home tutions( Online)
Marketing executive – events/hotels ( part time) Outdoor

You can search these vacancies on google and you will find companies like , &

Response rate – – Fast – Average – Average

Work from home jobs – USA – Part time

YOU CAN WORKS AS A :- ( please just type the exact same vacancy on google & you can find it easily)

Remote Data Entry Clerk
Home care assistant( outdoor)
Work at home- Data entry clerk
Expert Executive assistant
Part time Sales
Data entry agent
Warehouse Team Member( part time) ( outdoor)
Account assistant
Part time tutoring
Production worker( part time)
Order Selector- Part time.

You can search these vacancies on google and you will finf companies like , Linkedin jobs & Glassdoor

Response rate – Indeed – Fast
Linekdin- avarage – average

Work from home jobs – UK – Part time

YOU CAN WORKS AS A :- ( please just type the exact same vacancy on googe & you can find it easily)

Retail Assistant ( Outdoor)
Customer Assistant ( part time)
Media Billing clerk
Customer service representative
Help & support advisor
booking assistant
Finance assistant
Bookkeeper – part time
Account assistant
Assistant sales executive/advisor

You can search these vacancies on google and you will find companies like , &

Response rate – Indeed – Fast – Average
Lesiurejobs – Average

Freelancing – Self Employed

Investment Required & Without investment

Read below to know about more freelancing business which can be done in the comfort of your home . I have dived it into two parts for better understanding. First one is Investment type work & second one is without investment work. Both have their own benefits & own profits & losses ., Read the business model below for better understanding of this.

Investment Required

Guys as you also know that when it comes to investment there are a lot of options available as many of us don’t have that much of an amount to invest that’s why we are looking for a job. Guys the work that i am going to discuss fully comes under least budget & the scopes are higher. To know more read the article below.  


As we know that there are a lot of teaching tools available for online teaching in the market . Almost 70% of the education industry has switched from regular classrooms to online home based clases. Even home tutors have to purchase online teaching tools that will help him to teach his students from home. Guys it’s a sour truth but don’t worry there are a lot of teaching platforms available which are cheap & best. They are easy to afford. Some of them are so cheap that they come under 400$. Anyone can purchase and teach in the world.
Benefits of it is you can teach students out of your town as well, where you can’t reach physically. It will provide you a broad level of audience. Max students means max profit.

In the beginning you just hire someone who knows how to run facebook & instagram ads Or you can aso learn it . There are a lot of resources available on YouTube .
You will easily get high quality leads with cheap rates. Like within 100$. Then you can connect your leads & counsel them about your teaching skills. Cheers !! all set. You would get your students who pay you around 8-30$/hour. Guys these tools have classroom models also in which you can teach more than 10 students at a time. Great!!. That means your profit will be maximized.


Guys I know you can ask me why you put affiliate marketing into the paid section whereas it’s free to join any affiliate platform. Guys i appreciate your concern & question but guys affiliate products can only be sold by advertising. You will have to invest some amount of money in advertising with fb or google or bing.. There are a lot of social media platforms where you can promote your affiliate products. There are a lot of famous affiliate marketing platforms like maxbounty, shareasale, clickbank. you can join them.


Yes Guys a blog is the best way of earning lifetime passive incomes. Blog is information provided by a blogger to the whole community in a non-profit way. You can be a blogger. The investments are done on websites i.e. on web hosting & domain. To read more about A to Z details from blog incomes you can read our How to make money by blog.  

Without investment – work from home jobs


Guys if you are good at english & crazy towards new things. It can be any type. Basically a content writer is a person who writes blog pages as simple as that. A content writer should have a better understanding about SEO & grammer. It can be one the highest paid profession once set in the industry.
A content writer usually takes its salary on a per word basis. like in the beginning you can easily get 1-2Rs/word or 100 words = 1.5$ plus to 10/15 rs or 100 words + 10/15$ .
you just have to type on google about the vacancy and you will find the results.

You can take more than one company’s project being a content writer. Can take the contract of writing blog posts. If you are a good content writer then everybody wants you to give this contract. Then magine yor incomes.

Hard Work pays.


If you can’t afford online tutoring platforms then you can also teach students by online free tools like zoom & google meet. I can understand in the beginning of the career it’s hard to arrange money for the paid stuff. No problem at all. Money is not the problem if you are dedicated. trust me!
In the zoom application you can take bulk videos sessions with more than 100 students at time. Zoom has 30 min limits per video session. Or you can upgrade it to a premium version in which you can access unlimited video time.
Similarly google meet is powered by google. In google meet there is no time limits restrictions. You can use this to teach more than 100 students at time. It is available on google play store as ” MEET” . You can download it from here also.

Business model – you just need a silent room. Just nail a small whiteboard on the wall & focus your camera lens to that and start writing and speaking . That’s how your homebased free tutoring sessions start. & you are now able to find your work from home jobs.

Warm regards from team –
Post is managed & written by Abhishek Giri ( Author)


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